Jesus to all Nations

Jesus to all Nations was founded by Daniel Smenes the 3.November 2018. Since his conversion in 2004 he has been involved in evangelistic missions work stretching over nearly 40 nations. The Lord has stirred Daniel´s heart with a burning passion to reach the lost. Since 2004 he has been having a growing desire to reach the unchurched and unreached people groups with the Gospel. He had started out in his ministry through the missions work Jesus Revolution and Go Out Mission. He has also been serving as an elder in Nordvestkirka located in Norway, for five years. Together with his wife Katrin they are currently serving local churches, teaching at Bible schools, hold seminars, conferences and gospel campaigns nationally and internationally.

We want to create and facilitate platforms for singular people, teams, churches and Bible schools to join in mission trips. We want to be a steppingstone for upcoming evangelists to taste how it is like to be out on the missions field.

our vision

Our vision

Our vision is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world, with a special emphasis toward the unreached people groups. We go and get others going.