Lukas Abildsten

Lukas Abildsten is a missionary evangelist with the ministry of Jesus to All Nations. He is from Norway and has led thousands of people to Jesus around the globe - primarily in Africa and Europe. He was called to ministry by God as a young boy and never looked back.

After High School, Lukas went to Redding, California and completed two years of ministry training at Bethel School of Supernatural ministry. From there God led him to serve in the Norwegian Air Force for a year before he served as a youth pastor in a small church in the north of Norway.

In 2021 he went through the Evangelism Bootcamp training conducted by Christ for all Nations, the ministry founded by Reinhard Bonnke and succeeded by Daniel Kolenda. Lukas Abildsten is today a CfaN Ordained Minister of the Gospel and also collaborates with CfaN on several projects around the world. 

Lukas wants to see a generation that knows what it looks like to enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus. A generation that walks in power and purity and lives to fulfill the great commission from a place of first knowing Him. 

Lukas and his wife Silja Abildsten are based in Helsinki, Finland.


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