Patrizia Camnasio

Patrizia Camnasio is a missionary evangelist from Switzerland. Since she was saved at the age of 23, her heart has been burning to lead people to Jesus. She wants to see masses coming to Jesus as well as reaching out to the individuals wherever she is. She has a strong desire to reach out to children, youth, the marginalized people in society and to those that seemingly have lost all hope. Patrizia experienced a life transforming physical healing two years after her salvation. As a result, a fresh hunger arose in her to see the Kingdom of God manifested on this earth. She attended a two year Bible School, the Gospel Training Center, in Brugg (Switzerland). She regularly went to the streets of her hometown and preached the Gospel or prayed for the sick in the hospitals or anywhere she would encounter people. In the spring of 2021, Patrizia then attended Christ for all Nations Bootcamp, where she met Daniel, Katrin and Lukas. Since July, 2021 she has been a part of the Jesus to all Nations team.

It is a great joy for her to stand together in the harvest fields with friends, seeing 1000's coming to Jesus - being saved, healed and delivered! Besides preaching the gospel, Patrizia is passionate about strengthening the body of Christ, bringing people with her, encouraging them to walk in faith and in God's plans for their lives. The message that really burns on Patrizia's heart is, that with Jesus there is always hope and that with Him nothing is impossible. She wants to see the darkest places on this earth lightened up with the light and love of Jesus. 


Patrizia is now residing in Switzerland.


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