Kalokol Campaign Day 1 - A Powerful First Night

What a night!

It’s our first night here in Kalokol, Kenya and more than 3000 out of the 20000 in the city showed up on the field to hear the gospel!

It is extremely hot here and drops of sweat were running down my face as I (Lukas) preached on the message: “Now is the day of salvation.” I emphasized the importance of not delaying your decision to follow Jesus, but to give your life to Jesus now. What a wonderful sight it was to see hands shoot up all over the field when the invitation to give their life to Jesus was given. 

After I preached Evangelist Katrin Smenes came and prayed for the sick. 

Here are some of the wonderful testimonies.



Margareth has suffered from head, neck and back pain for three years. Tonight she received her miracle and all the pain went away!



Margareth has been paralyzed on one side of her body for years. Until today she has been unable to walk without a stick. She came to the stage and testified and demonstrated in front of everyone how she was now healed and able to walk without any support!



Mikael has been deaf in both ears for almost two months. But not so any longer! While he was standing in the crowd Jesus opened his ears and he was able to hear and understand the words Katrin whispered to him. Hallelujah!




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