Kalokol Campaign Day 2 - Everyone can be saved!

The second day of the Kalokol Campaign in Kenya has been wonderful. Already while driving through Kalokol we could see how groups of people were walking joyfully towards the campaign field. Having arrived at the platform and looking into the eyes of these precious Turkana Kenyans, great expectation was vividly visible in their countenance.

Tonight I had the priviledge to share the Gospel emphazising on Romans 10,13: “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

In the end of the preaching many hands were being raised to receive Jesus and with one voice and heart cry they called on the name of Jesus for salvation. Halleluja!

Afterwards Lukas shared a short word on healing and then he, Nathaniel and Dario prayed boldly for the sick to be healed. We praised Jesus as we saw Him doing great miracles in peoples lives. 


Jasmin came to the field this evening with a chest pain. After suffering for 3 years with this issue she discovered after prayer that Jesus had healed her. Jasmin was so happy!



Yesenta Jamata had problems with her back and hips for 2 years. She told us how the pain was all over her back. But now she was dancing with joy on stage without any pain left, hallelujah!



Mama Evangeline came up tonight with her baby attached to her. Evangeline have had reduced sight for a long time. She would also from time to time see no colors. She told us that the sight was healed and could now even count our fingers from afar. The reduced sight was healed!


Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for this campaign. Together we are seeing Kalokol changed for eternity!

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