Kalokol Campaign Final Night

Kalokol will never be the same! Tonight we held our concluding evening and God showed up big time! 

Over 3000 gathered to celebrate, dance and hear the matchless gospel of Jesus Christ! The pastors of the city was so excited and told us this has not happen in 10 years. 

Over the last days we have seen 1.069 decisions for Jesus in this remote town, praise God! Our local team are now heavily invested in follow up and to connect the new believers with the local churches. 

This evening we pronounced blessing after blessing after blessing upon the people. They responded with a loud amen after each blessing. Afterwards we celebrated with wild praise and worship. All of us got soaked in sweat as a dust cloud ascended to to sky from all our dancing. I bet it was a sweet smelling aroma to the Lord, hallelujah!


Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for this great campaign. This town will never be the same and we believe that what the Lord has done here will go down in the history books for this place.

Together we we are filling sections in heaven, in Jesus name!


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