We have reached 500.000 decisions for Christ!

Today is a day of massive celebration! We have just reached 500.000 decisions for Christ since we started 3. November 2018. 888.836 have been blessed to hear the gospel over the course of this time! It is like living inside of a dream where God is leading, blessing and propelling His kingdom forth through us to the nations. Only once we cross into eternity will we be able to see the full extent of the impact the Lord has granted us to have. We are utterly speechless!!

We want to thank all of you for playing a significant role in seeing sections filled in heaven. A big thank you each of our evangelists in Jesus to all Nations. We salute each and every prayer partner and every faithful financial Harvest Partner for your tremendous efforts. Together we are having a major impact on villages, cities and nations with the gospel, hallelujah! 

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