Final Night Biharamulo Gospel Crusade, Tanzania

We praise God for this evening of breakthrough. The first breakthrough we had was a weather miracle. It was raining the whole morning and afternoon and the forecast was really not in our favour. Many of you prayed with us and God not only held the rain back, but the sky was clear and we had sunshine, halleluja. Because of this thousands of people found their way to the field without any complications. 

It was so special to step fort and grab the microphone for me (Daniel Smenes) tonight as there was a mass of people gathered to hear the word of the Lord. The respons was overwhelming as we saw the droves come to Jesus and mighty miracles broke out when Evangelist Matheo Wentland prayed for the sick. 

Here are some of the healing testimonies:

Michael has been deaf the last three months. As he stood at the field tonight Jesus touched him and he can now hear totally fine. We even tested his hearing on stage and to our amazement, he can now hear perfectly well, hallelujah!

Ernest came to share with us the struggle she have had reading without glasses for the past nine years. When she came to testify about her healing, we made her read some from a Swahili bible, with very small text. She had no more struggle reading and the crowd went bananas as she read the word of God clearly! 

Odlia has not been able to bend her leg and had pain in her knee for over three months. She told us that after the prayer for the sick tonight the pain left her. She bent down and bent her knee unlike what she could do for a long time. Jesus had healed her! We danced and celebrated with her with joy for her healing miracle. 


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