Core values

Relationship with Christ first.

We believe all things in life, family and ministry comes in right order only through a true intimacy with Christ. Joh.15.1-8

Gods word is our highest authority.

We value the word of God and let Gods word be the guiding-star.


We believe in partnering as a friend with God in prayer. We believe our Father listen to us when we pray. Our emphasis is to pray that His will be done on earth as in heaven. That His reality becomes our reality.


We lead a life in speaking the truth and serving with excellence in all we do.


We serve all people in an attitude of honor. We lift, strengthen and encourage people by giving them honor as Gods image on earth.


We pursue unity with the people of God. We desire to partner with local churches, Christian ministries and organizations for the sake of the Gospel. We also let others partner with us through team trips, prayer and economical means.

8 pillars emphasized in Jesus to all Nations

We believe in

  • the Great Commission
  • the local church
  • power of the Gospel
  • mass evangelism
  • in mobilizing the body of Christ
  • partnership
  • prayer for the Nations
  • hastening the return of Christ



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