Thailand is being saved!

"You will see greater things than these.” Joh.1.50b 

We are so excited about the upcoming year and all the Lord is leading us into. Honestly, looking back on the previous year I am taken back by the magnitude of impact the Lord has allowed us to have. As I've been contemplating on that the Lord clearly spoke to me the following: "You will see greater things than these". I don't fully know how and why the Lord is having us on this journey, but all I can sense is that it is an urgency in the hour we are currently living in, and the end-time harvest needs to be brought in, NOW! 

I just arrived back home from a very fruitful ministry time in Asia. During the first weeks of this year we were pioneering and co-leading the very first of CfaN´s Fire Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Over hundred Thai and close to eighty Burmese evangelists were trained for fearless evangelism. This is one of many Fire Camps we will take on for this nation in the years to come. God was moving in a powerful way and deeply transformed these former timid students to become roaring, bold evangelists preaching the gospel, hallelujah!



106 Youth Campaigns held
19.070 Heard the gospel
11.830 Decisions 
8 Healing miracles

Engeles from the Jtans Family is currently co-leading a group of pioneer evangelists doing Youth Campaigns in Thailand: 
The last two days, we were in an area in Bangkok, where the Muslim Community is really strong. In fact many buddhists who live there are afraid of them. But God opened the door supernaturally so that we could preach the whole Gospel to about 80 Muslim Youth! They were just gathered and people from the Muslim Community invited us to speak to them, because they wanted to hear from us foreigners. Of course we shared the Gospel and when we made the altar call, many of the muslim youth closed their eyes and put their hand on their heart as a sign to receive Jesus in their hearts. There was such an openness. Unfortunately we got disrupted during the salvation prayer and we couldn’t continue, but still they could hear the whole Gospel! It was really special for us, to see how the Holy Spirit opens the doors, so that we can reach the muslim community with the Gospel. - Engeles 


We went to a Muslim community today, where they did their morning prayer just before we came in. We went in, preparing ourselves to probably get interrupted as soon as we would lead them in a salvation prayer after sharing the gospel - but we did not get interrupted at all! Some of the children even spoke the salvation prayer out LOUD (although we didn’t ask them to)! They treated us very friendly and even thanked us for coming after we preached - and we even got to give them the Jesus Books! Philomena


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